Frequently Asked Questions

“What if I want a turbo, but my vehicle doesn't currently have one?”

We will then be happy to consult with you and your fabricator about the type of turbo that should be sized to your vehicle and the new exhaust system.

“Why should I have my turbo rebuilt vs buy a new one?”

Cost --- rebuild cost is much less than purchasing a new unit from the dealership - as much as 50 to 75 percent less.

Quality --- all of our turbochargers are custom built to lasting OEM specifications - no assembly line procedures, only built by qualified technicians with genuine parts.

Awareness --- being made aware of the real cause of your turbo's failure may eliminate some headaches down the road. Most customers aren't really made aware of what "hot shut down" is. This is a common cause of turbo failure. Burnt turbo bearings are a sign of a clogged or partially clogged oil line. This can only be detected when disassembly of a unit has been performed. The condition of the components, inside the turbo, can tell quite a story!

“How do I know if my vehicle needs the turbo repaired?”

The best source for that kind of information is found in our handy troubleshooting chart. Take a look at some of the symptoms listed and see if your vehicle has the need for turbocharger repair.

“How can I reach Majestic Turbo?”

Our shop hours are Monday-Friday, 8a.m.-5p.m., Central Standard Time. Our number is 1-254-757-3759. During off-hours, our shop number is picked up by an answering machine, should you care to leave us a message, we will get back with you. And, of course, you can e-mail us at To find us go to our location map.

“What do I need to do in order to send in my turbo?”

After reading the instructions on how to remove your turbo (see FAQ “How do I go about removing my turbo and getting it rebuilt?”), pack thoroughly in a mailing box; cushion the turbo with newspapers or other packing medium. Along with the turbo, include the wastegate/actuator. Again, be sure to wrap the actuator with extra protective medium. DO NOT send in any lines, hoses, nor downpipe(s). BE SURE to include (inside the box, with your turbo) your name, address, DAYTIME phone number(s) and home phone number, where we may reach you to confer with you about charges; after we disassemble and diagnosis your turbo, we will contact you. Give us a call at 1-800-231-5566 when you ship your turbo, so we can be expecting your turbo to arrive. Send mail to: Majestic Turbo, 815 Jefferson, Waco, TX, 76701.

“How does a turbo work?”

Think of your vehicle's engine as an air pump that draws in air and fuel, ignites the mixture--propelling the internal parts and expelling the hot exhaust gases. Turbocharging, like a vacuum cleaner, brings in air, compresses it, and changes the atmospheric pressure inside your vehicle’s engine.

A turbochargerd engine operates by the exhaust pressure exiting the engine, causing an impeller to spin a wheel. The impeller is connected (by a shaft) to a compressor; the compressor uses the energy from the impeller to spin and compress incoming outside air and forces it through to the engine. An actuator (attached to both the hot and old side -- the "hot" side is the cast iron portion of the turbo, the "cold" side, the aluminum portion) regulates boost pressure. The actuator can be "fooled" into thinking that the atmospheric pressure is different that it actually is!

“What is turbo lag?”

"Turbo lag" is a term used to describe the "lag" time (or response time) from the time the accelerator is pressed to the time when the turbocharger begins to affect performance. Generally speaking, the larger the turbo, the greater the lag time. Thus, there needs to be consideration given to both the "little" end and the "big" end when sizing a turbo to your vehicle.

“What about turbo repair kits?”

We Offer wide range of rebuild kits call or email us with your turbocharger part number.

What if I have turbo problems after work is done?
Call us first! We will troubleshoot the problems you are having over the phone prior to you having to take the turbo off and sending it back to us. If we determine that the turbo needs to come back to us, get a RGA number and send a copy of your invoice with the turbo.